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"The reader, reading it, makes it live: a live thing, a story." - Ursula K. Le Guin


If a black man falls in the Mississippi woods, does anyone hear it? Tragedy in a small town starts a young white man on a road of revenge, redemption, and the sexuality that always seems to lead to pain. A young black man, a Katrina refugee, wonders about the mystery surrounding the uncle he never knew and struggles through the minefields of being a black youth in our society. Their lives and families become entangled, and ultimately new families are formed. The book is an emotional journey through the issues surrounding race and sexuality in the last thirty years in the U.S.

Down in Cuba

In the seamy world of Havana’s Malecón and with harsh reality of Communist Cuba as a backdrop Martin meets Leo, a charismatic young man. With both men longing to be free, though in very different ways, the things they do to help each other are also the things that can destroy them.

Tio Jorge

From a wealthy cul-de-sac in Hillsborough, California to a dusty village in Central Mexico, Tio Jorge gives us an emotional portrait of a young woman who cannot move forward until she silences the ghosts of her tragic childhood. On her graduation day from Stanford University, she thinks she sees in the crowd the man accused of her mother’s death sixteen years earlier, but he flees before she can speak to him. Believing he is the key to unlock the mystery of her father who abandoned her, she sets out to track him down, and in the process discovers the Mexican side of her family. Heartened by the love and warmth of her Mexican relatives, she has the courage to confront her mother’s family and seek justice for the man who had been her father’s secret lover.

Eddie’s Desert Rose

In the 1980’s, Dave and Eddie Bates are just trying to get ahead by taking high-paying teaching contracts in Saudi Arabia. They know nothing about the winds of Islamic fundamentalism sweeping across the Arabian sands. Eddie, the younger of the two brothers, gets caught in a trap and meets an untimely death. The authorities try to cover up the incident. Join me in a trip across three continents as Dave and his wife, Maura, search for Eddie’s killers. Feel the chills as they keep ending up in the wrong places at the wrong times, sometimes nearly dead wrong. And what is a desert rose anyway?

About me

My travels and teaching have shown me the way

I grew up in Central Illinois, Decatur to be exact. Big family. All of them readers and some writers. Gravitated to the South, Tulane University in New Orleans. And then it was the West Coast where I have lived most of the last forty years, mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area. I became an English as a Second Language teacher and did a few stints in other countries, including Saudi Arabia and Mexico. But my longest overseas job was in Barcelona, Spain where I worked for five years and traveled extensively in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Back teaching in the Bay Area, my travels focused on the Caribbean, Central and South American, using my Spanish whenever I could. In the 1980’s and 90’s I published a number of pieces, mostly travel articles, but also a few poems and book reviews, in publications such as, The Advocate, LA Weekly, In Style, and Our World. My travels have inspired my four novels, all set at least partially in foreign countries: Eddie’s Desert Rose (2011), Tio Jorge (2012), and Down in Cuba (2013) and Deluge (2016). An early version of Down in Cuba was a semi-finalist in the 2006 QueerLit Project. An excerpt from the novel, “All in the Cuban Family” was a finalist in a Glimmer Train Press Contest in 2007. Tio Jorge received a Rainbow Award in the category of Bisexual Fiction in 2012. Down in Cuba received two Rainbow Awards in 2013. Recently stories have been published in two collections: WITH:New Gay Fiction and Best Gay Erotica.

  • teaching

    Teaching ESL has allowed me contact with the world even when I didn't travel.

  • writing

    Though I have always written, lately I have become more serious about it.

  • traveler

    I travel. I do not go on vacation. It's not relaxing. It is an education.

  • activist

    Proud to be a liberal.


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