July 20, 2016

Eddie’s Desert Rose


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Published in 2011: For a brief time I lived and worked in Saudi Arabia, teaching Saudi naval cadets. The story concerns a young American who unwittingly gets caught between a Saudi reformer prince and his brother who is a radical Islamist. This was all written before anyone had ever heard of Al Qaeda. The Middle East at the time I was there was relatively calm compared to what it is now, but the signs were all around that it would become a flashpoint once again. In the 1980’s, Dave and Eddie Bates are just trying to get ahead by taking high-paying teaching contracts in Saudi Arabia. They know nothing about the winds of Islamic fundamentalism sweeping across the Arabian sands. Eddie, the younger of the two brothers, gets caught in a trap and meets an untimely death. The authorities try to cover up the incident. Join me in a trip across three continents as Dave and his wife, Maura, search for Eddie’s killers. Feel the chills as they keep ending up in the wrong places at the wrong times, sometimes nearly dead wrong. And what is a desert rose anyway?

Excerpts from the book: “Dave shook his head and laughed absurdly. ‘You guys are kidding, right? Is this some kind of a joke?’ His eyes held onto hope and his mouth twisted into a false grin. The others continued to examine the floor while the marching band started up outside within an absurdly jaunty tune and the air conditioner rumbled into compressor mode, sending out a wisp of ozone.”

“Darkness fell as the van pulled up to the compound gate, the sun having gone down like a big orange balloon behind the fertilizer plant with its constant ribbon of smoke trailing off toward the town of Dammam. Rajab honked and the Pakistani security guard came out of the gatehouse in a starched white shirt and blue pants. He unwrapped the chain, which encircled though was not locked around the two poles of the double gate. Terrorist acts against Americans in other parts of the Middle East would temporarily stir up talk of increased security, but concern quickly subsided in the safe atmosphere of Saudi Arabia where the people were held in a tight rein.”

Eddie’s Desert Rose is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Eddies-Desert-Rose-Vincent-Meis/dp/1463746814?ie=UTF8&qid=1313885492&ref_=sr_1_1&s=books&sr=1-1